An Invincible Team

Katja Türkyilmaz-Link and Günter Ehrentreich work hand in hand through all phases of the sales process. The southern sales group manager and the regional sales manager tend to approximately 400 customers in Upper and Lower Bavaria with great commitment and success. While Günter Ehrentreich is at the customer’s premises giving technical advice on a diversity of applications, holding product presentations, and helping out with projects, Katja Türkyilmaz-Link is in Hemmingen/ Stuttgart supervising the order processing. She ensures everything runs smoothly, from quotation preparation to shipment. Good communication and coordination between the two guarantees optimal customer service. And when two people work together so closely, it’s also an advantage if the chemistry is right. Certainly part of the secret to their success is the fact that they have very similar working styles, get on well together, and can depend on each other. Around this time of year, Katja Türkyilmaz-Link and Günter Ehrentreich usually go off on business trips together to pay their customers a joint visit at Christmas. This year though, Günter Ehrentreich will have to do without his colleague as Katja Türkyilmaz-Link will soon be concentrating on her new role: motherhood.

Günter Ehrentreich und Katja Türkyilmaz-Link in portrait
Katja Türkyilmaz-Link and Günter Ehrentreich an unbeatable duo. (©Tobias Bugala)